WAX-O-PRESS SYSTEM PAT.NO.1005890-Art.no.600-00

WAX-O-PRESS SYSTEM PAT.NO.1005890-Art.no.600-00

Product Code: Wax patterns for porcelain pressed to metal bridgework
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The WAX-O-PRESS SYSTEM  is introduced to be a system that primarily with the IPS InLine PoM Multi (Press-on-Metal) offers precisely a guaranteed optimum result already from the wax-up stage without wax-up being even necessary as demonstrated on the photos above.

The patented innovation WAX-O-DENTAL WAX-O-PRESS SYSTEMTM for porcelain pressed-on-metal ceramics constitutes a system of  pairs of prefabricated wax veneer patterns  precarved to fit over hollow pontic frames  for practically zero time wax-up of  the external anatomical surface of  the ready-to-press “complete” wax bridge. The patented Wax-O-Press System gathers a selection of  the Total Assortment program of of 202 forms of  wax veneers incorporated into 56 6-unit,4-unit and 3-unit anterior and posterior wax veneer blocks with prefabricated occlusion all designed and carved by John Koutavas.C.D.T, to fit over their 160 yellow-coloured paired hollow pontic frames with one goal:

Once you have cast the hollow pontic frame into metal all there is  left to do is to apply the corresponding wax veneer pattern over the metal frame which is designed to fit perfectly over it ,complete it from the lingual surface with some ash-free wax and proceed with the thermopressing of the practically prefabricated “complete” wax-metal bridge(instructions video).The porcelain pressed-on-metal wax patterns come in a well-arranged assortment box with an actual size photo-chart on the lid and with additional  space for storing separately the individual pontics underneath each base foam-rubber in the correct compartment.

Moreover, the  yellow wax preforms of the kit are compatible with any one-layer metal-ceramic system as the IPS InLine One as well any conventional metal-ceramic system as the IPS InLine.


  • Time-saving due to the broadest variety of unique natural forms;
  • Real, not plastic,flexible and easy-to-carve,residue-free, wax and thus compatible with all thermopressable ceramics systems e.g. e-Max ;
  • Effort-saving due to the unique 6-unit,4-unit and 3-unit wax veneer patterns;
  • Waste elimination due to the organized assortment according to the chart. Enormoulsy time-effective due to the offered corresponding external anatomical surface of  the ready-to-press “complete” wax bridge.
  • Optimal aesthetical but also functional result in upper lower cases due to the prefabricated occluded 4-unit posterior wax veneer patterns.
  • A real trouble-free method of  ceramics for the “goldman” or anyone with a drive to save time and effort instead of  the porcelain layering or wax-up technique.
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