Custom Selection Kit

In our system we introduced an additional and innovative method of Synthesis of each order of wax pontics-bridges with each client's specific criteria. Here you can compose your own assortment kit by selecting the ones you exactly want from the total of 350 products.

The procedure provides primarily the option category of wax pontics-bridges. Below is the selection of the teeth (position in the mouth) of the category you selected. After pressing the button "Show products" the products you have selected are shown.With each press of the button "Add to Cart" the minimum amount (10 or 5 pieces) of the product (pontic-bridge) that you interested in each time is added to it. So as soon as you fill in the total amount of 120 pieces, you can complete your order. You can select multiple categories with no price variations and locations to find all the products you want and fill your Custom order kit. Pressing the CLEAR button you start a new cycle of options but keeping the products that have so far put in the cart.

Modifying the quantities and deleting some of the products that you have chosen can be done in the Shopping Cart page. We remind you that if you register as a customer you will find all the products you have placed in your cart anytime you "Re-enter/login".

If the order value excluding VAT is less than EUR 40 you will then be asked to pay the difference up to 40 Euro as "Low order fee". You can see this amount in the cart. For this reason it is of your interest for each of your orders to reach at least 40 Euro net value (Subtotal). This measure applies to any order you choose to purchase from our store.

In the process of "Checkout" and in the case that the order will be delivered in Greece then you will be asked to specify the type of transport packaging and kit in which the wax pontics-bridges will be delivered to you. The options are either "Standard plastic packaging" or "ECO package". The "Eco pack" involves a significant discount which is implemented by the administration thru a coupon from our store after prearrangement with us. To claim the discount you must enter the coupon number on the "Shopping Cart" page before the "Checkout".

Custom Selection Criteria

Categories of preformed wax elements-bridges

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