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The WAX-O-DENTAL FULL CONTOUR PONTICSTM prefabricated wax solid pontic wax bridges for speed wax-ups of pontic areas for diagnostic models, gnathological wax-ups and temporary  bridgework (instructions video) gathers a selection of 104 forms from the Total Assortment of 224 forms incorporated in 6-unit (13-33,43-33) and 4-unit anterior and  posterior solid pontic wax bridges with prefabricated occlusion PAT.NO.1005890.
 They are all designed and carved by John Koutavas.C.D.T, identical labially,buccally and occlusally to the corresponding wax veneers for conveniency and unmatched productivity,based on the given capability of choosing the appropriate to your case form,free of making time and effort-consuming adjustments.
  The wax patterns come in a well-arranged assortment box with a more or less actual size photo-chart on the lid and with additional space for storing separately the individual pontics underneath each base foam-rubber in the correct compartment.

  • Time-saving due to the broadest variety of natural forms ;
  • Made from real, not plastic,easy-to-scrape and model,residue-free wax ;;
  • Effort-saving due to the unique 6-unit(13-23,43-33) and 4-unit solid pontic wax bridges ;;
  • Optimal aesthetical but also functional result in upper - lower cases due to the prefabricated occluded 4-unit posterior solid pontic  patterns included in the kit ;
  • Identical compatibility between the Full Contour Pontics(solid) and the corresponding wax veneer bridges (hollow) ;
  • Waste elimination due to the organized assortment according to the chart .
Delivery includes:
  • Assortment box with 88 solid pontic wax bridges
  • 48 x 6-unit solid pontic wax bridges  +  48 x 4-unit solid pontic wax bridges = 448 elements
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