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The ANATOMICAL DENTAL SHELL kit  is introduced to be a system that primarily with the IPS e-max offers precisely a guaranteed optimum result already from the diagnostic wax-up stage without the wax-up even being a time-consuming procedure as demonstrated in the displayed photos.


Ready-made ivory wax facings-veneer bridges out of 100% ash-free organic,super flexible and easy-to-scrape and model wax.Due to the unique 104 forms in this kit,selected  from our Total collection of   248 forms incorporated into 6-unit ( 13-23 , 43-33 ) , 4-unit & 3-unit anterior and posterior wax veneer  patterns with prefabricated occlusion  they allow to reach production efficiency superior to many other kinds of methods for :
Diagnostic wax-ups/temporaries (instructions video),Implant cases,Long-term provisionals,Pressable ceramics, all ceramic facings / laminates.

The ANATOMICAL DENTAL SHELLTM kit is composed of the broadest variety of forms of wax veneer bridges on the market,all designed and carved by John Koutavas.C.D.T. The wax patterns come in a well-arranged assortment box with a more or less actual size photo-chart on the lid and with additional  space for storing separately the individual pontics underneath each base foam-rubber in the correct compartment.

  • Time-saving due to the broadest variety of unique natural forms;
  • Made from real, not plastic,flexible and easy-to-scrape and model,residue-free wax;
  • Effort-saving due to the unique 6-unit ( 13-23 , 43-33 ) and 4-unit wax veneer patterns;
  • Optimal aesthetical but also functional result in maxillo-mandibular (upper-lower) cases due to the prefabricated occluded 4-unit posterior wax veneer patterns.
  • Waste elimination due to the organized assortment according to the chart.
Delivery includes:
  • Assortment box with 128 wax veneer bridges
  • 64 x 6-unit wax veneer bridges and 64 x 4-unit wax veneer bridges = 640 elements
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