Wax preforms

In WAX-O-DENTAL IN-NOVATIONS, by saying ready-made wax patterns we actually mean ready-made, namely no adjustments necessary by the technician.Therefore, John Koutavas.C.D.T has designed and carved for your conveniency the broadest variety of forms of wax patterns for all types of Fixed Prosthetics : Metal-ceramics, Acrylic bridgework, All-ceramic facings/laminatesPorcelain pressed to metal bridgeworkDiagnostic wax-ups/short-term Temporaries, Long-term Provisionals, Implants.

All you have to do is to select the right form of wax pattern for your case out of the 1568 different types of forms from the Assortment Boxes, the Refill packs according to the charts or by keying in the Make your own custom-made selection Kit page the position in the mouth and the type of wax patterns  with which you wish to fill your own personalised kit .


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