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The present terms refer to the use of the web site “waxodental.com” that belongs to the company “Koutavas Gerasimos”, along with its content and services rendered, and are offered to members and visitors strictly for personal use. “Koutavas Gerasimos” is not responsible for possible errors or omissions, and retains the right to make changes to the web site whenever this is deemed necessary, without previous notice. If a user, or a user’s representative, disagrees with the site’s terms and conditions or services offered, then he owes not to accept the terms stated, nor to use the web site or receive its services.


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“Koutavas Gerasimos” retains the right to determine the terms of custom orders.Thereby,the custom-made kit or custom order kit abides to the following terms and conditions :
  • Creation of your custom-made flexible kit according to your choices ;
  • The customer's choices define the position each time of the 120 or less preforms in the mouth and their type ;
  • The initial minimum order of 10 preforms per choice may be edited to reach maximum 120 wax blocks/bridges in the kit ;
  • Minimum total cart value of € 40. Otherwise, a low order fee is charged to reach the € 40 value, ex tax , ex shipping rate ;
  • "Koutavas Gerasimos" retains the right to alter at any time and without warning the Minimum total cart value of € 40 ;



If a customer's total cart value is below the mimimum total cart value of € 40 , the customer is charged with a Low order fee that equals the difference between the mimimum total cart value (ex tax and ex shipping cost) of € 40 and the total cart value.""Koutavas Gerasimos" retains the right to alter at any time and without warning the mimimum total cart value.


You have the right to cancel an order within 14 days of making it.
After the aforementioned time cancellation can not be accepted.


If a visitor/user wishes to register in “waxodental.com”, he agrees to: a) provide truthful, accurate, valid and complete information pertaining to any data required by “waxodental.com” for filling its registration forms through which the user gains access to the site’s content and services b) update his registration data in order those to remain truthful, accurate, valid, complete, and up to date.


“waxodental.com” provides its users with member services, after accepting the terms of use of the web site and finalization of the registration. As soon as the visitor/user completes this process, he will receive confirmation of his given password and user name. Members are held responsible for all actions when their account is used under their user name and password. Members agree to notify immediately “waxodental.com” for any unauthorized use of their account and every detected (confirmed or potential) security breach. In addition, members are responsible for the proper use of their account, and also for logging out the end of their session. “waxodental.com” is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to lack of respect for security protocols, by users/members of our site. After creating a user account, its deletion is not possible.Access to the pages/services of “waxodental.com” is not charged beyond the current pricing policy for accessing the Internet of the users’ Internet providers (ISP's) and is payable only to them.


The above stated terms and conditions of using “waxodental.com”, along with any modification, are subject to Greek legislation, European Community legislation, and all relevant international treaties. The courts of Athens, Greece will resolve any dispute that might arise, between the company and the customer. This statement consists the total agreement between “waxodental.com” and the users of its web pages and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be considered, and will not be part of this agreement, unless it is explicitly written, incorporated and published in our website.


1)For all customers payments can be made via credit, debit and prepaid cards,namely VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS using secure environment of Alpha bank Greece.

2)Shortly using paypal

3)Bank trasfer can be made to the following bank accounts :


Swift code : CRBAGRAA

Account no. : 988-002101-004773    IBAN : GR49 0140 9880 9880 0210 1004 773



Swift code : EFGBGRAA

Account no. : 0026-0180-94-0100617908     IBAN : GR3402601800000940100617908

4) With Cash on delivery method but only for items delivered within Greece territory with no extra fee.