What saves you time and effort is what makes innovation


In the era of digital technology , the profession of the dental technician still longs for innovative products and methods that will speed up his work and enhance the quality of the final product.

It is with this in mind that DIGITAL DENTAL EUROPE , founded by Gerasimos Koutavas, invests since 2012 on its founder's and his collaborating pilot lab technicians' long-lasting expertise and devotion in the field with an array of products distinguished for their high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Within such critical times , we have increased our efforts to provide even more efficient and meaningful services e.g "the custom-made selection kit" , for marketing our specialized top quality patented products and embracing progress and innovation on multiple levels.

These products and many more to come showcase our devotion to the evolution of the field while maintaining our faith on the principles of the dental science in the field of education as well at university and technical level.

After all , paraphrasing a quote of our founder on the magic of fixed prosthetics , "It is what you cannot see that makes all the difference", we say "It is what saves you time and effort that makes innovation".

Gerasimos Koutavas