In WAX-O-DENTAL IN-NOVATIONS we feel the need to pay tribute to the esteemed faculty of the Kapodistrian Athens University school of Dentistry that first ordered  our educational kits that are a part of the curriculum of the aforementioned university under the approval of professor Dr.Kakamboura Afroditi and professor Dr.Christos Rachiotis,( as well as professor Dr.Hercules Gousias,(, of the Aristoteleian Thessaloniki University school of Dentistry under the approval of professor Dr. Jenny Kolinioti-Koumbia,( and professor Dr.Paris Yerasimou,(, as well as in the Technological Institute of Athens,school of Dental Technology under the approval of professor Dr.Aristeidis Galiatsatos,(, except of several private schools of dental technology in the country such as I.E.K. Ippokrateios, Athens and I.E.K Paster, Thessaloniki that use our educational kits as well as our manufactured consumables.


Gerasimos J.Koutavas