In many cases, unnecessary costs can be avoided with a short e-mail.Please e-mail us at the because complaints/returns without our consent may lead to costs for you.

It is not always necessary to return the merchandise.When possible we can also send replacement parts.

Before the customer returns any goods he must inform us at the

No credit will be given by “Koutavas Gerasimos” for goods which have not reached “Koutavas Gerasimos”.

Intact and unopened material will only be exchanged by “Koutavas Gerasimos” within 14 days after receipt of the goods on request of the customer.

Custom-made products such as the “Custom-made selection kit” cannot be returned.

Freight charges for returns are to be borne by the customer.whereby “Koutavas Gerasimos” retains the right to raise an extra charge for processing goods.

Detected material or manufacturing defects as well as transport damages must be reported immediately after receipt of the goods.